RevoTherm® comprises a portfolio of formulations based on proprietary urethane chemistry. 

Due to its balanced property profile and processing versatility, RevoTherm® can bring increased value to a variety of thermosetting resin/process combinations. 

RevoTherm® System Highlights


RevoTherm® is designed for use in a variety of thermoset processing techniques, including pultrusion, RIM, and RTM.  It resembles traditional A+B systems, whereby material is pumped using commercially available meter mix equipment. As compared to some traditional composite processes, the RevoTherm® system produces minimal waste and low VOCs. 


Part design freedom is expanded with the ability to add in thick-to-thin areas, bosses and textures with no read through due to the material's low viscosity. Because the material is polyurethane based, the end products have optimal adhesion properties for coatings and adhesives. 


Depending on volume requirements, RevoTherm® can be efficiently molded using a variety of different tooling materials. 

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RevoTherm®  vs Chop Spray


Faster Process: No lay-up leading to lower processing time, cycle time reduced from 3 hours to 40 minutes.

Better Parts: 35% lighter parts due to the lower specific gravity of the material. Higher dimensional tolerances with an optimal surface finish on both the A and B sides.

Cleaner Shop Floor: 15% reduction in material waste, elimination of glass fibers in the atmosphere from chop spraying. Material is close to zero VOCs during the molding process. 

RevoTherm® in RTM


Design Flexibility: 30% lighter parts. Functionality can be built into the B-side eliminating additional attachments. Strength of the resin provides for varying thickness, allowing for strength to be where you need it.


Less Labor: No laminating; parts can be molded with neat resin, or a simple glass mat. No post-CNC cutting to remove material from openings; easy de-flashing with a knife. No over-molding to eliminate resin-rich areas as the resin has strength.


Reduced Cycle Time: Part molding time goes from 3 hours to 40 minutes, increasing the number of parts molded per shift.




RevoTherm® in Pultrusion