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We are an innovative resin formulator creating unique polyurethane chemistries

Introducing: RevoTherm®

RevoTherm® , short for Revolutionary Thermoset, is a unique resin system based on urethane chemistry. It enables the development of strength & stiffness properties which greatly exceed those of traditional urethanes as well as those offered by typical fiberglass-reinforced parts.


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A proprietary, polyurethane-based resin system with enhanced material properties capable of replacing most traditional composite resins
RevoTherm® is pumped into closed molds or dies using pultrusion, RIM, and RTM processing equipment, leaving minimal waste, low VOCs and, compared to some processes, lower cost tooling
High-quality finish, design capabilities for thick-to-thin areas, ribs, bosses and textures with no read through due to low viscosity, and low shrinkage

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