Intellectual Property Licensing

Presidium offers our customers the opportunity to license intellectual property (IP) for its proprietary patented RevoTherm resin, manufacturing process and tooling,  as well as other proprietary engineered chemical materials, processes, processing equipment, tools and enabling technology of third parties that Presidium either has a license to use or to sub-license to our customers.

RevoTherm intellectual property licenses specifically include:


  •  Our proprietary engineered chemical material – RT1000B

  • The formulation for combining and processing RT1000B with RT1000A in our RevoTherm meter mix equipment to make the final RevoTherm engineered chemical composite material used by customers to make parts

  • Specialty tools designed and optimized for RevoTherm resin system

  • Machinery and other equipment modified and designed to optimize the part manufacturing process 

Third party IP licensing offered by Presidium are confidential but broadly cover the following:

  • Engineered chemical materials including additives, release agents, among others

  • Proprietary manufacturing processes such as pultrusion, foam among others

  • Processing equipment such a RIM or RTM that have been modified to work with Presidium developed engineered chemical materials or third-party materials

  • Proprietary tool manufacturing such as 3-d printing of tools

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