Engineered Chemical Material Research & Product Development


Our chemical research and product development services range from making formulation modifications to Presidium’s proprietary RevoTherm® resins to incorporating reinforcements, additives or other proprietary chemistry technology from third parties into our existing engineered chemical materials product line, to conducting lab formulation work designed to create new engineered chemical materials that meet our customer’s needs.

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Part Design & Manufacturing Process Optimization


Presidium’s producibility experts consult with customers on how to optimize part design and the manufacturing process to take full advantage of Presidium’s RevoTherm® resins or any new engineered chemical materials developed by us for our customer. Our producibility services range from providing design input on CAD drawings to final part design, tool manufacturing and prototype part production.


Our services extend to formulating and adapting Presidium’s engineered chemical materials to work in a wide range of part manufacturing processes. These processes include Presidium’s RevoTherm® meter mix equipment, as well as existing manufacturing processes such as pultrusion, reaction injection molding, resin transfer molding, among others.

Our producibility experts also offer our customers an opportunity to customize their manufacturing processes to move from product trials and product development to full scale commercial manufacturing capability in fast and efficiently as possible. This includes:


  • Critical process parameters identification and process characterization

  • Developing proprietary custom machinery and equipment optimized to work with RevoTherm® and Presidium’s other engineered chemical materials

  • Process scale-up and validation support

  • Proprietary process creation for use with Presidium’s engineered chemical materials


Analytical Services

Presidium’s Innovation Center in London, ON, Canada is equipped with the testing equipment necessary to conduct real-time analysis for our customers of any engineered chemical materials under development in the lab. Our internal testing capabilities are included in the list below, as well ew have developed external relationships with labs that allow us to offer other testing services as required by our customers.

Internal Testing Capabilities

  • 3 Point Flexural

  • Tensile

  • Compression

  • Lap Shear

  • Hardness (Durometer)

  • Specific Gravity

  • Drop Dart Impact

  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry

  • Rheology (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Viscosity Determination, etc.)

  • UV-VIS Spectroscopy

  • Optical Microscopy

  • Loss on drying/%Solids Determination

  • pH Determination

  • Hydroxyl Number Determination

  • Heat and Humidity Aging