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4 simple steps for making a part in RevoTherm, saving part manufacturers processing costs and reducing waste otherwise heading to landfills, 

For example, consider all the steps RevoTherm removes from a typical resin transfer molding manufacturing process and the 3+ hours it takes to make a vehicle headlight socket versus 40 minutes to make the same part in RevoTherm

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RevoTherm is a patented disruptive material engineered to mold structurally integral parts.  The technology not only changes the material with which parts are made, but also how parts are manufactured, and how parts are designed.   Our material science, while grounded in a low viscosity, two-part urethane system, provides mechanical properties similar to fiberglass; but without the glass reinforcement.

Key Product Differentiators 


  • =>      Part strength and features can be “designed in” with structural ribs, bosses, and textures
  • =>      Material “flows like water” and captures tool detail without shrinkage or read through
  • =>      Near net shape designs minimize excess material waste and labor-intensive secondary processes 
  • =>      High quality finish and design features on both A and B sides 
  • =>      Economical prototyping 


  • =>      Low pressure processing gives option to use low cost composite tooling  
  • =>      Compact and inexpensive manufacturing equipment - small operating foot print 
  • =>      Low labor content - 25% of total manufacturing cycle time 
  • =>      Reduced cycle time compared to RTM or Chop Spray – higher tool through-put 
  • =>      No harmful regulated styrene emissions, minimal VOC’s  
  • =>      In mold finish coat and/ or pigmentation and/or finish coat without primer  


  • =>      Lightweight – 1.12 Specific Gravity (30% lighter than fiberglass reinforced composites)  
  • =>      Strength without reinforcement  (product specification sheet available upon request) 
  • =>      Excellent adhesion for paint and bonding 
  • =>      Negligible shrinkage and no read through